21st VSS final presentations - AI and unlimited internet access

Among this year's final presentations by 21st VSS participants, there was no shortage of topics that are already igniting public discussions and debates about the future, namely:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on public institutions and
  • unrestricted access to the Internet as a fundamental human right

The participants, who chose to explore the issue of artificial intelligence in a contrasting way, presented both the advantages and disadvantages of using AI in cultural institutions as well as public administration and education sector.

While the second group presented us with the reality that everyone has unlimited access to the Internet. According to the group, in the perspective of the next 20 years, it is the Internet that will provide everyone with freedom of speech and access to information.

Participants, on the other hand, saw the main threat in the policies of some countries and their governments, i.e. attempts to actively censor the Internet, which are already taking place.